Pat Momich


Vice Chair, CISMC Board

Member of Executive and Public Relations Committees               

Member, 10 years

“I have been proud to serve on the Board of EMYS because EMYS has made such a difference in the lives of Madison County students. I’ve witnessed so many kids succeed and gain self-confidence when a caring adult provided help. I’ve seen kids graduate who never would have made it without EMYS.”                 Pat Momich

Raised on an island between Seattle and Tacoma, I’m a proud graduate of Vashon Island High School. Then I attended Washington State University and Florida State University where I finished with a degree in biology.

The next 33 years I enjoyed work with the National Park Service and the U.S. Forest Service. As an interpreter, I guided nature walks, presented programs, and prepared exhibits and brochures. Although it was a great job, I happily retired in 2005.

I live with my husband, Bob, on beautiful acreage in Little Laurel, north of Hot Springs. We garden year-around, growing veggies, berries, and herbs all organically. We also raise shiitake mushrooms and honeybees. We have invested in several energy-saving features, such as a micro-hydro power system, combined with solar energy.

As soon as I retired, I began volunteering with CISMC ( now EMYS ) at Madison High School. I’ve served on the Board of Directors since December 2002. I began recording minutes as the Board secretary on April 2003.   On July 2013, I stepped down as secretary and became the vice-chair.

I also enjoy Scottish country dancing, hiking, nature study, and travel.

Tom Field, Executive Director of CISMC, presenting a certificate of appreciation to Pat Momich for her years of exemplary service to the CISMC Board as secretary.

Photo of Beth Herdman, Site Coordinator at Madison High School, and Pat Momich (on right), Vice Chair of the CISMC Board, preparing for a day of tutoring Madison High students. November 16, 2012