EMYS: Our Volunteers are Making a Difference, One Child at a Time

Community tutor/mentor volunteers at Madison Middle and High Schools

The Great Leaps Math Program at Mars Hill Elementary

Math Lab tutoring help at Hot Springs Elementary

  Our Volunteers include:

Bonner Scholars,  Mars Hill University

Social Work Interns, Mars Hill University

Rotary Club Volunteers

Volunteers from the General Public

You could make a difference. As a community group or as an individual, you are needed.


YOU can make a difference by supporting EMYS.

  • More caring adults are needed as a tutors and mentors. You can volunteer just a couple hours a week and make a BIG difference in a student’s life.
  • EMYS could also use help with a website, office work, and fundraising. Contact Bruce, 828-629-9276, ext. 10124.


The Madison Team Success program at Madison Middle and High schools served over 105 referred students last year, providing tutoring and mentoring services during the school day and using 18 community volunteers. This program, funded through a grant from the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (JCPC), serves students who were referred to us by the Juvenile Court system, teachers, guidance councilors and parents. These students were either adjudicated youth or were in jeopardy of failing or dropping out of school.


How can I get started?

There’s nothing to it. Simply call or e-mail either of the program Directors or call the Executive Director of EMYS. We love to talk to volunteers wanting to make a difference in our community. We don’t mind questions and work hard at making this a great experience for you; after all, all of us have been volunteers ourselves.

Madison Team Success:                                 

Micah Rogers – Site Coordinator, Madison High School

Amy Holcombe – Math Tutor, Madison High School

          Madison High School: 649-2876


Allen Raynor – Site Coordinator, Madison Middle School

          Madison Middle School: 649-2269


When in doubt, call the boss. I love talking to potential volunteers: Bruce Murray, Executive Director EMYS

649-9276  Ex 10124