Dr. Connie Buckner, Chair


“Why am I a board member?  EMYS staff is very dedicated to working with and caring about Madison County students; and because of their efforts, students continue in school and graduate.  One success leads to another – a subject completed, high school graduation, a better job, enrollment in college, a better future.  It is rewarding to be a small part of student success and to support EMYS staff efforts.”  

                                                 Connie Buckner


Things of importance to me: 

Dr. Connie Buckner                                                                  

Chair of EMYS Board

Member: 16 years

  •        Spending time with family

  •        Church

  •        Reading

  •        Gardening

  •       Travel – local, regional, national, international

  •    Employed at ABTCC 42 years in July, 2013.  I have served as secretary to the registrar, secretary in admissions, director of admissions, and currently, director, Madison Campus. (Retired)

 Other community organizations I’ve been a part of:

– Secretary, Madison County Partnership for Children

– Advisory Board, Madison County Cooperative Extension Service

– State Advisory Council, NC State Univ Coop Extension

– Rotary Club of Madison County

– Various ABTCC Committees.

Why I support Madison County Communities in Schools:

[16 years as a member of the board]

The staff of Communities in Schools is caring and dedicated to making a positive impact on the success of each and every student with whom they work.  The staff and students are the
ones who deserve recognition for all they do; the staff for the huge positive difference they make in the personal and academic lives of students, and the students for their desire for improvement.
It is very rewarding to learn of the success of both and to have a small part in this effort.