Beth Herdman


Why I Joined the EMYS Board

I joined the EMYS board because I believe that the children of Madison County are the future of this county, and it is our responsibility to give them the best education we can offer.

I have always felt that every student can succeed if given opportunities, support and guidance throughout their school years.  The school system has a huge job in captivating all types of students and there are those few, who fall between the edges of services, who may get either lost in the big picture, fall little behind, or are overlooked because other students are more vocal in standing up for themselves.  I love that EMYS serves those students who may struggle a little more than most, but may not qualify for other services. 

I admire EMYS’ flexibility, and ability to meet the needs of a variety of children. While some students may need just a little nudge, and help for a short period of time, others may need full support and EMYS is able to follow these  same students from the early grades through to high school graduation.  EMYS connects students to the world outside of school by offering college and community volunteers to work with them in addition to its hired staff.  I  think this is win-win for the community, the school and the students to engage everyone for the betterment of our students, our education system and our community at large.

Overall, I feel EMYS is a vital addition to our school system and with the support of the community, it will work to not only serve our individual students, but will strive to strengthen and support our whole county.

I have lived in Madison County for 30+ years and retired after 13 years as the Community in Schools Site Coordinator for Madison High School.

I am a graduate of James Madison University with Degrees in Special Education, Psychology and Art.