CIS Honors Graduates

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CIS Seniors
These are a few of the 25 seniors who graduated this year with support from Communities In Schools: Nikki Mehaffey, Kelsea Johnson, Tayler Peele, Misty Shelton, Heather Daly, Morgan Willet, Amber Ogle, Jared Treadway. Brandon Franklin, and Jacob Shelton.

 CIS Honors Graduates

This year 25 seniors who have participated in the CISMC tutoring program over their years in high school, graduated from Madison High School. These students succeeded in receiving their high school diploma through their hard work, determination, and the help of Beth Herdman, the CISMC Site Director for the high school and her multitude of community volunteers.

CISMC—Community In Schools of Madison County—is able to offer this tutoring program with a grant from the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council, and support from Communities in Schools of North Carolina. The program, called Madison Team Success, provides tutoring in math, English, history and science, as well as mentoring. Herdman, who runs the program, also monitors the student’s attendance and grades with the parent’s permission. The goal is to ensure that each student is on track to graduate with their class, with a future plan in mind.

Tutoring takes places throughout the school day. In addition to tutoring, Herdman coordinates tutors to provide one-on-one, and small group help and encouragement. This year a team of fourteen volunteers from the community and from Mars Hill University worked at least one day a week with students. In addition, CISMC was able to hire Amy Holcombe as a part time math assistant. A total of over 80 students were served this year and an additional 100 students received occasional services. Herdman also provided tutoring once a week after school with MHU Bonner Scholars and math tutoring two times

Information about Madison Team Success will be provided when students sign up for classes. If parents want their child to participate in the CISMC program or a student wants to receive a little extra help, they can sign up for the program at the beginning of school. Herdman will begin monitoring a student’s success from the time she starts working with them, and often follows students for all 4 years of high school.

Communities In Schools is a nationwide, nonprofit organization that matches local people and resources to the needs of local children. CIS is dedicated to empowering students to stay in school and achieve in life.      CISMC performs its important work through the generosity of community members who support Madison County children through donations of time and funds. For more information about CISMC, how to volunteer, or to donate to its programs for Madison County students, contact Interim Director Bruce Murray at 649-9276 extension 248 or online Visit the CISMC website: